About John

Hello, I’m John,

I live on the coast of England in a sunny seaside town called Brighton & Hove.

After years of curiosity I started to practice hypnosis in 1996. However, since then I have trained extensively and I now I regularly see clients as a full time profession.

Prior to this I ran an international stock brokering company trading in microelectronics.

I also used to chair the Brighton NLP group and I occasionally run CPD courses to medics and dentists throughout the UK.

My hobbies include hiking, DIY and Muay Thai marital arts.

I’m an advanced practitioner and approved trainer of Integral Eye Movement (IEMT) and I run my UK practice from Brighton & Hove.  Most recently I have been working via zoom with more of my sessions online due to Covid19.

Over the past 12 years I’ve delivered various courses and techniques in applied psychology, most of which was teaching others how to deal with stress related issues. I also teach relaxation techniques and various hypnosis strategies to dentists in university deaneries across the UK.

IEMT team

All of the psychosomatic conditions I’ve treated relate to chronic stress and anxiety related issues. Lets be clear I am not, nor do I replace your Dr. i will also not advocate changing the advice given to my clients by their own medical Dr. I do not recommend changing any medications, whether prescription or advice on what supplements you choose to take. 

I do however follow the same stringent guidelines and code of conduct as a Dr but I am regulated by the IEMT association who are registered to the GDRP-compliance policy. Practitioners of the IEMT association all also follow the same data protection rules so and you can expect at least the same level of confidentiality as you would expect from your solicitor. 

In 2004 I became a certified NLP practitioner and by 2007 I was chair person for the Brighton NLP group. I have completed the St John’s first aid training and have first hand experience dealing with seizures and panic attacks.

In 2018 I wrote a paper for a case study about my work with psoriasis which was later published in September in the prestigious Journal of Experiential Psychotherapy. What was particularly unusual about this case study was the fact that I could clearly show the before and after skin condition of my client for the treatment. Unusual because although I’ve witnesses some amazing recoveries of clients I’ve worked with over the years in this particular case you can see the the results. Three years later and the psoriasis is still clear with not even a blemish anywhere.

You can Read the IEMT published paper here.

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