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I’m John, an independent psychotherapist. I’ve been working professionally as a self employed trainer, lecturer and therapist since 2008. The subjects I’ve been teaching cover a whole range of interesting material based around applied psychology, body language, phobia disorders, hypnotherapy techniques, buying strategies, NLP and IEMT certification courses.

I’m also a certified advanced practitioner of Integral Eye movement therapy, my work on psoriasis has been peer reviewed and published. As a therapist my aim is to get my clients fast and permanent changes to their unwanted habits, make changes to bad feelings associated to things that happened in the past and to help with changes in early life conditioning. To achieve this I’m not restricted to just one modality but instead will incorporate all my skills that have been acquired over the years.

The cost I charge is currently from just £45 per hour. Please send a request form (below) if you would like a quote.

Please note; this is not ‘talking’ therapy as such which means you don’t need to discuss what you did or what others did to you. This is because the therapy I use can be completed content free.

There is 100% confidentiality around all matters discussed. Changes usually occur after just the first session. I’m not looking to ‘book you’ in for 12 sessions or 6 sessions, just 1 session at a time.

The only requirement I ask is that you’re able to follow simply instructions and you can leave the rest to me.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) to deal with PTSD

IEMT - Integral Eye Movement Therapy

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is the core technique I use.

IEMT utilises what we do naturally (move our eyes) when we think and recall memories. This has been developed into a precise and specific algorithm to gain access to old neurological imprints in order to address how that has an impact on your day to day life.

The end result is that the range of techniques I use will help enhance both your personal and business life.

Please take a look at this link for further IEMT details: Here


Brighton Hypnotherapy

Most people are familiar with hypnotherapy and NLP

Sessions will always incorporate both modalities of hypnosis and NLP and work seamlessly while you remain mentally focused, alert and awake.

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