Working with an emphasis on anxiety, stress, mindset and resilience. The desired aim of brief therapy is to gain access to your early life impressions and traumatic memories. The work I do is to remove the negative impact these impressions have to your physical and mental health. This is not so much as a ‘talking’ therapy but instead I use the tracking of eye movements which are associated to memories in order to disassociate content from context. The only requirement is that you’re able to follow some very basic and simply instructions in order to follow the process and you don’t have to talk about ‘that thing’ which is troubling you.

Published article case study for psoriasis by John M. Moore.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is the core technique I use.  IEMT utilises what we do naturally when we think and recall memories (move our eyes) into a precise and specific algorithm to gain access to old neurological imprints and address how that has an impact on your day to day life. The end result is that the range of techniques I use will help enhance both your personal and business life.

Why use John Martin Moore
Strengthen your thinking.

The very first time I used hypnosis was with a brilliant Muslim Dr. during a visit to the Andaman Islands which is in the south of India. That was way back in 1996 and to date I have gone on to train more than a thousand medical clinicians and demonstrated to audiences of 500 or more to explain the techniques I find most successful and beneficial in my practice.

British Dental Association (BDA) Discourse about dental phobia.